JL"JL" Wilkins

JL is one of the most versatile, dynamic, and talented musicians you will ever meet.  Currently, JL is away at Law School, soon to be graduating in 2017.  If everything goes as planned, Mr. Wilkins will be once again a part of Cedar Ridge.  

About 5 years after Cedar Ridge had been in existence, Ray had been beating the bushes for a replacement or addition to Cedar Ridge, and after several auditions, tryouts, interviews, and shots in the dark, and believe me when I tell you there were MANY, we believe that we found the right person to fill in or actually "join" the group Cedar Ridge.... J.L.  What a remarkable man.  

Ray and Mary visited J.L. in Wyoming last September 2016 and it was a treat that we won't soon forget.  He was in his 2nd year of school at that time and has since passed with flying colors.  He is working as an intern and his heart is being a tax attorney, however, at his intership, they are trying to make him a patent attorney he thinks.  JL, we can't wait until your return!